About Me

I am a journalist-turned-author. I was formerly a senior editor with Singapore’s leading TV & Digital network, ChannelNewsAsia (CNA). I had a challenging but fulfilling 20-year career in journalism. I am now a full-time writer. My debut novel is The Pandemic Files.


Kill your own mother and get away with perfect murder – can you?  Of course you can, if you are writing fiction that is. You can even assassinate the US president or fall in love with a ghost.

But in real life? Hmm… I seriously doubt so – and that is a fact. And that is what separates fact from fiction.

And that is also what separates the fact-writing that a journalist has to do from the fiction-writing that a novelist can do.

As a journalist for 20 years, I found my creativity constrained for two reasons: the need to be factual and objective in what I write. Facts are facts and you can’t twist facts. And to be objective you have to be neutral all the time (except for opinion pieces). And tight deadlines also make creative writing difficult. As a novelist there are no such rules. I can be as inventive and imaginative as I like. And the writing depends on how the creative juices flow. And the feeling I get when I am writing fiction is frankly quite liberating.

I am a journalist turned author now. I can be as creative as I want. I can play God the creator with my storylines. I can soar like an eagle with my imagination. I wouldn’t want it any other way.


I was formerly a journalist with Channel NewsAsia (CNA) in a career spanning 20 years, starting off as a news reporter and leaving as a senior editor. I wrote and produced news stories and bulletins, current affairs stories and programs, documentaries and a stock market challenge reality TV show. I also won multiple journalism awards.

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