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The Pandemic Files

A Singapore journalist is in Wuhan, the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, to do on-the-ground stories of the pandemic. Having to resort to cat-and-mouse tactics to evade censorship curbs he goes about searching for true-to-life stories. He comes upon first-hand personal accounts of fear and fearlessness, selfishness and self-sacrifice, hope and heartbreak as told to him by the people he interviewed – many re-living experiences that reveal the best and worst of humanity in a crisis. But what intrigues him most is the do-or-die decisions that some were forced to make when extreme circumstances called for extreme actions. He also runs into unscrupulous scam operators, including those from the media, who try to profit from the tragedy –which he then tries to expose.

Then, mysterious circumstances behind a man’s death leaves him with a puzzle to solve even as he heads back to Singapore. And he has to solve it quickly to save a life.


"I was about to enter Wuhan city, the epi-centre of the novel coronavirus epidemic – now termed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization. I was feeling anxious. I was in ground zero. This was where it had all begun – the outbreak of a viral killer disease that had already claimed many thousands of lives. The feeling I had was not unlike that of walking close to the edge of a cliff in the dark – you don’t know when you might take a wrong step. This deep fear of the unknown must surely be the greatest fear because there is no way to prepare yourself with how to deal with an unseen enemy. You simply don’t know what to expect. You have a virus that lurks everywhere and it can hit you anytime, anywhere, without you knowing too much about it – and it’s downright scary."

ISBN 13  9781543765694 (SOFTCOVER)

ISBN 13  9781543765700 (HARDCOVER)

ISBN 13  9781543765687 (eBook)

The Sungei Road Gang

A stolen clutch bag triggers a chain of events that winds its way towards Sungei Road. A $100,000 reward for a missing girl sets off a separate chain of events that also converges upon Sungei Road. And at Singapore’s renown ‘Thieves’ Market’ in Sungei Road the two chains are entangled in a chance meeting that brings together a teenage street gang and a private detective. They are forced into a hasty, uneasy alliance to take on an international criminal syndicate. But are wits and street skills enough to prevail over the power and ruthlessness of organised crime?


“The years of working the streets had sharpened Manchu’s instincts and fine-tuned his alertness to danger. And the experience gathered had also taught Manchu never to be off guard when out and about. Not even for a moment. As a street kid you have to be able to sense danger before the threat arrives. It could mean the difference between life and death. And you have to trust your subconscious mind when it tells you something is not quite right. And with your experience you have to figure out how to deal with it. Survival in the streets can be a tricky game.”

ISBN 10 1543766331

ISBN 13 978-1543766332 (HARDCOVER)

ISBN 10 1543766315

ISBN 13 978-1543766318 (SOFTCOVER)


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