The Sungei Road Gang

A stolen clutch bag triggers a chain of events that winds its way towards Sungei Road. A $100,000 reward for a missing girl sets off a separate chain of events that also converges upon Sungei Road. And at Singapore’s renown ‘Thieves’ Market’ in Sungei Road the two chains are entangled in a chance meeting that brings together a teenage street gang and a private detective. They are forced into a hasty, uneasy alliance to take on an international criminal syndicate. But are wits and street skills enough to prevail over the power and ruthlessness of organised crime?

Excerpt from Chapter 8

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Sungei Road’s flea market, well-known as Singapore’s most famous Thieves’ Market, has closed down. But many who owned stalls there, and those who live in the area, often tell the story of a teenage street gang that once operated there – and how they took down an international criminal organisation involved in kidnapping and child prostitution. With the help of a private detective and depending only on wits and street skills they were able to overcome the power, money and ruthlessness of organised crime.

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